Fatima Girls Academy


Tabasum Fatima


Dear Parent, Assalamo Alaykum. It is with great honor and happiness that I greet you all as the principal of Fatima Girls School. Our beloved Prophet emphasized the importance of education in the life of a Muslim as an individual and as a nation. Our goal is to achieve both; An individual who is a very strong building block of an educated Ummah. In order to achieve a strong educated Ummah, one must invest in its individuals, giving them the unique capability of having strong identities both in the community and on a personal level. To achieve this, it takes three participating elements working together in sync and in harmony.

The first component is a community that cares. Tabasum Fatima has understood the importance of an Islamic School and has worked diligently to ensure that such a school is established. The second element is parents who are willing to further the education of their children. These are parents who are concerned with the future of their children and take an active role in ensuring that the needs of their children are satisfied. The third element is children who are willing to learn. These are students who are being inspired by their caring parents and community and thus are interested in learning. As the principal of this school, my utmost goal is to integrate those three elements in a compassionate and practical way to reach a level of academic excellence that will make us proud. It is my objective to positively involve the community, the parents, teachers and the students in building up the education system of Fatima Girls Islamic School in a spirit of cooperation and raise their level of interest in getting the best results in the most beautiful means possible. It is vital that the rules and regulations are not only to please everyone but rather to make the experience of an Islamic School fruitful and appreciated.

head of any policies and rules it is important to establish easy lines of communication for positive involvement to further our goal and to resolve any problems that may surface in the course of our plight. I am looking forward to continue working with all of you hoping that our experience together will prove to be an example in the development of the education process in the communities around us Insha Allah.