Fatima Girls Academy


Our mission

is “Academic Excellence in an Modern Education”. Our educational program is geared towards the development of the students’ total personality. Thus the instructions address the spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual needs of students. In addition, Fatima Girls School provides students with a strong program in order to effectively understand the courses.

The school is guided by the two primary sources of Islam: Al-Qur'an Al-Kareem, and the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad. The best approach to education is to follow the Qur’an which is the guidance of Allah and its implementation through the Sunnah and Sirah of our Prophet.

The primary goals of our school are to provide quality education that is meaningful, integrative and value-based, to instill a love of learning in the students and to graduate students who will rely on Islam as a complete way of life with a strong commitment to serve our community and the society at large. Our secondary goal is to provide training and educational programs for our teachers to enhance their professional and spiritual growth.

Fatima Girls School aims to prepare competent, strong and knowledgeable Muslim leaders, scientists, and professionals simultaneously who will positively contribute to our society under the banner of Islam. The entire curriculum is presented to the student in an Islamic perspective providing an Islamic viewpoint in each discipline while at the same time providing excellent academic preparation for higher education. In formulating a unique, dynamic, responsive, and whole individual, the curriculum provides balance in all aspects of development.

Each child is a unique individual with respect to the physical, mental, emotional and socio economic aspects of their life. The school observes, appreciates, and respects their differences. There should be no difference made on the basis of socio-economic level, color of skin, and ethnic origin.